New Year's resolutions

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Karl R
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New Year's resolutions

Post by Karl R »

This one about New Year's resolutions and the fact that this program works for us, not just on New Year's day with a resolution, but all day-every day if we let it work.

Copyright © The AA Grapevine, Inc. (January 1949 vol. 5 no. 8 ). Reprinted with permission.


A New Year's Message
It Works!
NOTHING is so brittle as a New Year's resolution, unless it be a glass crutch.

Most New Year's resolutions shatter within a few days. Then their broken pieces lie around, as sharp as needles, remindful of failure until the skin, or the conscience, has again become calloused. What, in fact, is so rare as an unbroken New Year's resolution in June?

Yet, we in particular, were among the most prolific New Year's resolution makers. We turned them out on a mass production scale. All through the year we stored up our awareness of personal deficiencies and faults, planning to correct them all in one vast wash of resolutions. Do it all at once, we said, with splendid optimism. Easy does it, in reverse.

OF course, it probably is better to have one day or a few days of high resolution than none at all, but how much more practical if the purpose behind the New Year's resolution is built into daily life. How much easier it is to correct the deficiencies and the faults one by one as we go along day by day, than to try to level a mountain in one stroke.

The kindness and the realism of the A.A. approach to the task of self-improvement offer more hope of success than the high resolution sworn to once a year. At least they have offered more hope and yielded more success for many.

There are, to be sure, other ways, and, of course, some New Year's resolutions do endure. But the inventory that is taken more often than annually and the resolution that is formed at the beginning and the close of each 24 hours have worked convincingly for many and will continue to work for many more.

The new hope that comes from this overwhelming evidence of a new approach to an old and deadly trouble is the offer of the New Year, of each New Year. "It works!" is the electrifying promise that we can give to others.

IF there has to be a resolution today, let it be that we will offer those two words fraught with the ringing message that has been proven over and over. "It works!" They offer a new year to any who are still burdened with the past. They bring a new year whenever and wherever they are accepted. Today is the day, any day and every day, to try the new way. Today, "It works!" Tomorrow, "It works!"

Through the 13 years of A.A., people have been doubting those words at first, testing them skeptically, and finally coming to believe them. Perhaps the message they speak makes the best resolution of all.

THE A.A. who knows that "it works" needs no ceremony to remind him. His day of high resolution came the moment he took the 1st Step. His New Year began then and continues as long as he follows the new way that others have blazed. His New Year's resolutions are forged and strengthened day by day. Where the glass crutch was brittle and shattered easily, he now has at hand a staff stronger than steel. He has faith built upon proof that, "It works."


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Re: New Year's resolutions

Post by Abbas »

awsome resulation...i will try to follow this too..
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Re: New Year's resolutions

Post by ann2 »

Welcome Abbas! Thanks for bringing this great post forward :D

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Re: New Year's resolutions

Post by chefchip »

Very cool. Sounds like the perfect compliment to a discussion of steps 10 - 12. I quit making resolutions decades ago. After reading this, if I ever feel the urge to do so again, I will have to reevaluate whether my daily maintenance is missing something. If my life and program are "on track" I shouldn't need resolutions.

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Re: New Year's resolutions

Post by TonyWARMS »

I made one New Year's resolution about 20 years ago, and have never broken it.
It was the last one I ever made.
And, that was, "I will never make another New Year's resolution">
Who says you can't achieve perfection? :wink: :lol:

Peace, Tony
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