November Grapevine Issue is Out!

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November Grapevine Issue is Out!

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I am an alcoholic and your Grapevine Representative. My name is Dale. Here is the table of contents for the November issue of the Grapevine. Remember, each month, the e-AA Group of Alcoholics Anonymous gives away a FREE one-year subscription to "Our Meeting in Print", the Grapevine Magazine. Full access to the articles below can only be had by subscribers :-)

You can find the entry form here:



On the Cover: Our Twelve Traditions

"Our protective mantle "
AA provides us a warm tent of anonymity to discuss our drinking—when we’re ready

"You just never know"
Ring the alarm! There’s a disruptive member in the room

"Thanks but no thanks"
What one AA group did the day a kind priest offered them money

"A benevolent guardian"
They showed him love though he was still drunk. It was their primary purpose

Steps and Traditions
"Spending time with God"
No matter where she is, she has conscious contact

"Before I act"
Though we might not be famous, one member thinks it’s important to be careful about what we say—and post—in public
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Our Personal Stories
"Dying to be loved"
At age 20, liquor had done its job. It made her believe she had nothing to live for
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"A hundred miles of bad road."
His grandfather told him he was headed the wrong way. He sure wishes he’d listened
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"Happy sweltering Thanksgiving."
It’s 100 degrees, the family is nuts and the turkey’s burning. Thank God mom is sober

"Bye bye, for now"
Even after many years, he still needs to change course and turn the ship to keep the focus on others
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Into Action
"Ordinary hero"
When it comes to going to any lengths, she’s reminded that she’s just another drunk

Spiritual Awakenings
"Higher Power Unleashed"
One snowy night, a simple gesture from a furry friend gave her the lift she needed
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"Let’s do this"
Far away on a beach one day, she discovered a new way to trust

"Counting days with Eddy"
Sometimes gratitude can come from the most heartbreaking places

What's on your mind?
"What we say matters"
One member says that when we go to the podium, we have a job to do

In Every Issue
Dear Grapevine
Discussion Topic
At Wit's End
Alcoholism at Large

Dale B
E-AA Grapevine Rep

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