Day 1

For the younger AA generation, some experience, strength and hope.
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Day 1

Post by melissacv23 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:15 pm

I have been an alcoholic for 8 years...and at 24 I'm just now facing it. When you're a teen it's a social blur... when you are spending your 23rd birthday in jail it's real. That was the worst hangover of my life... I made excuses for getting arrested. I had a desigated driver...but made such a fool of myself that he ended up leaving. I swore that was my wake up call... here I am 13m later and finally owning up to my addiction. I want a drink so badly. I found this forum instead. I'm tired of destroying my life. I'm destroying other people's lives. I don't know where to begin...

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Re: Day 1

Post by Tommy-S » Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:40 pm

Hi Mellissa,

Welcome to the site.

As for 'how to begin' I think you did a good job of starting when you described where Alcohol has taken you... As was in my case, I made a beginning when I started to get honest to where Drinking took me.

Just keep putting off that Fatal First One, one day, one hour at a time if need be, and keep sharing honestly.

You might also want to find the nearest AA meeting to you. The GSO's website,, lists the Central Offices & Intergroup. Find one nearest you and drop them a's Free & Confidential, and you can talk with a live alkie in recovery.

Hang in there, and I'm sure others will respond.

Thanks... Tommy
Together, we don't have to cave in or wimp out to that Fatal First One, no matter what today!

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Re: Day 1

Post by Niagara » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:10 am

Good morning Melissa, and welcome to what is hopefully the 1st day of the rest of your life :) - and welcome to E-AA too. This was where I started, 7 months ago.

I started I think by googling the AA big book online, and reading the first few chapters to get some understanding of what I was dealing with, with alcoholism. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be.
That first week, I watched so much tv I think I have square eyes, even though I couldn't take it in. Couldn't tell you what I watched actually :lol:
I read and re - read those first few chapters, because I found my brain just didn't really want to absorb anything. I read these forums, when I found things tough (which was often)
A fellow member on here sent me some links to AA speaker tapes - recorded speeches that I learned a great deal from. There are hundreds out there, and I found and continue to find them very valuable. I shall send you the links I have if you wish - just give me a shout.
A week later I got myself to my first face to face meeting, despite the fact that I was absolutely terrified. Heaviest door in the world, that thing I ever did.

I was told to have sugary stuff handy, so I went for lemonade (not the sweetened kind) and sweets. Alcohol has lots of sugar in it, and boy did my body miss it when I suddenly stopped. It seemed to help some.

7 months ago, I was terrified, agoraphobic, wouldn't answer the door, phone, suicidal, and didn't know where to go with it all. Today, I haven't had a drink since quitting (feels like a miracle, right, but miracles DO happen in AA) and can go anywhere I choose, talk to anyone I please. I'm looking at going to college, at the grand old age of 40 to perhaps study on something that will enable me to work with abused women, as I have experience with that - I'd like to use that experience in a positive way.

This is how my life is changing in just 7 months, and at age 24 if you follow these simple 12 steps what a life ahead you will have :)

Best wishes
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Re: Day 1

Post by Lali » Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:55 pm

Welcome, Mellisa! I'm so glad you found us. I suggest that you check your local phone book for the number for Alcoholics Anonymous and get yourself to a face to face meeting ASAP. You want to do this while your resolve is still strong. Then come back and let us know how it went. Stick around here as well and ask any questions you may have! Good luck!
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Re: Day 1

Post by melissacv23 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:31 pm

Wow, I really wasn't sure I would get a response. Thank you for the fellowship, folks.

Niagra, I'd appreciate those links if you have the time.

I made it through the first 24 and as I write I'm closing in on 48hrs. I didn't make the connection with the sugars!!! I have had a horrible headache, and had two pints of ice cream yesterday. I'm worried about replacing one addiction with another as far as the sweets are concerned. I have had issues with food in the past.

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Re: Day 1

Post by PaigeB » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:39 pm

Here is the Big Book at ... -anonymous has LOTS of material to look through and find a meeting too!

XA I believe is the most talked about speaker tape things, but I am sure Niagara will send you links in a private message as that is not one of the links allowed here at e-aa.

Glad you are here and keep coming back!
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Re: Day 1

Post by catcar » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:22 pm

Welcome! This is a great place to be!

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