My F*** mom

Some alcoholics still have families when they get to AA. This is a place to ask questions and share experiences about relating to family members sober, especially when newly sober. (If you are not an alcoholic, please use the "Our Friends and Families" forum.)

Re: My F*** mom

Postby Momster5515 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:34 pm

Well then there's the issue that my old sponsor informed me that the steps where not to be taken slowly. And it says that in the book. All I can do is try.
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Re: My F*** mom

Postby avaneesh912 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:44 pm

All I can do is try.

Yep we do the best. I sent my wife to costco telling her they do passport photos and the post office is just a mile from there. She gets to costco, costco tells her they discontinued the service. She get irate and when I offered to find a CVS/Walgreen, she snapped back and said she has a smartphone and she can find her way around.

Tell me, would anybody send somebody to costco knowing that they discontinued the service? I just had to apply the same thing I suggested to you.

This woman is sick, how can I help her. The anwer I got back was zip your mouth and let go of the incident. End of drama.
Show him, from your own experience, how the peculiar mental condition surrounding that first drink prevents normal functioning of the will power (Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 92)
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