Getting High on Hand Sanitizers!

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Re: Getting High on Hand Sanitizers!

Post by tblue818 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:47 pm

avaneesh912 wrote:I would go to the gas stations with those long straws and as soon as I got into my car, i would suck up a good amount of those high octane beers. I thought, I was the only one who drank beer out of straws. One of the meetings 5 other members raised their hand. We all think we are unique.
Two of my favorites for ingenuity, told by the guys themselves in online AA:

1. The man put a cork in a bottle of whisky and inserted a tube. He put the bottle in the trunk of his car and ran the hose deftly up to the driver's seat. When he wanted a hit, he took one.

2. The man bought a new water hose, filled it with booze, and hooked it up outside his house. Would tell the wife he was going out to do yard work.

The only bright idea I ever had, didn't work out so well. After getting drunk for the first time at 16 at a New Year's party at my house, the wheels began to turn. Washed out and filled a perfume bottled that had a tight plastic cork in it. I found high school stressful and this just might be the key. Well, mixed with the residual perfume scent, that booze tasted horrible. It took all my willpower to get it down over the course of the day. Fell asleep in class; teacher told me to get more sleep at night. Scared me so bad at the thought of getting caught that I didn't drink in school again. It was a parochial school and my parents would probably not have recovered from the shame of a 'wayward child' - and I couldn't imagine what the punishment would be. Took me until 40 y.o. old to enter all-consuming alcoholism, but the writing was already on the wall at 16. And I couldn't see that until AA. Ever grateful.

Rule of Thumb I was given in AA for various 'outliers' - If I didn't get drunk off of it, don't worry about it. If I drank mouth wash to get drunk, find an alternative. Pure vanilla extract? Same. Some folks in AA go 'radical left' about everything. I followed the voices of wisdom that AA was supposed to be a warm cloak I never took off...not a straight-jacket.

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Re: Getting High on Hand Sanitizers!

Post by Brock » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:30 am

Before I realized how much of a problem I had myself, I also witnessed two incidents that should have made me see what lay ahead.

I had a small company which did house calls for various problems, and while repairing guttering on a house, the lady asked if we could also look at a toilet on which the flush handle was stuck. There was a bottle in the tank which was blocking the flushing mechanism, she went all red in the face, and I imagine her husband got a good tongue lashing when he came home.

Another time I was gassing up my car, a fellow opposite was trying to assist a lady who had pulled in, because the windshield washer was making her windshield ‘streaky.’ He had her try it and from the smell said ‘this is rum,’ she was embarrassed but smiled and said ‘at least he is trying.’ I don’t have a clue how he planned to drink from the windshield washer, I laughed at the time, but really it’s sad the lengths we alcoholics will go to hide.
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