Recovery without fellowship.

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Recovery without fellowship.

Post by manlyphall1111 »

Has anyone else found that their area has become over run with Ego? I'm in BC after moving from Alberta and have found no fellowship besides a bunch of liars and egotists. Fear based groups that seem like they kill more than they save and have used substitution instead of spiritual growth and seem to be pushing atheism. I feel a bit like I am trapped in hell outside of my day. I'm 28 moths sober and swear by the 12 steps and God but if it were not for my higher power providing me Manly P Hall as a sponsor via his lectures and an understanding how the program is supposed to work from a recovery attempt 12 years ago I would have probably died like so many others I've seen come into the rooms in this area. I've finally quit going because of my frustration with their butchery of the program. I've met a couple non ego members around that also don't go and seem like they are hiding from the rest although they seem not to want to take a stranger into their midst. I just keep accepting and working the steps but a very honest and good person without a fellowship seems a bit hopeless with no idea how to maneuver the world. Feeling a bit lost. Help?

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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by PuppyEars »

Just so you don't feel alone, I will take AA's inventory with you.
Today I am sober 40 months and decided to get out of myself and go to a speaker meeting.
Just so happens, speaker has 40 years today. Sounds cool right?
All we got was "what it was like" for an hour and 0 minutes of hope. I was cringing for the few new guys in there.

The crazy part is, his message of what it was like ONLY - probably was exactly what someone needed to hear. Just grit my teeth and keep it movin.

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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by Brock »

Welcome here. Thanks for speaking about Manly P Hall, I never heard of him but goggled and found a lot on you tube, the little I listened to will have me putting him on my list. Some of us here share different books and spiritual blogs we find interesting.

I can't speak for the state of AA in your area, but I am not surprised when meetings drift away from the steps and spirituality, we get that reported here quite often as well. I live in the West Indies, and it gives us pleasure and a little surprise when we have a visitor from the US with us, because they sometimes remark that they haven't heard that much step and God talk in their own meetings, so we seem to be on the right path locally.

We have a good bunch of recovered alcoholics here, healthy and sometimes heated debate, I hope you will stick around and wish you the best.
"Good morning, this is your Higher Power speaking. I will not be needing your help today."

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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by positrac »

Unless I am in left field I knew that we drunks did it better than anyone else and that everything we did was meant to out do the other person...... So because we get sober we are "supposed" to learn to leave the BS at the door and live life in today. People are people and old habits die hard. I am not sure how long you've been sober but you have options and if the ego maniacs are killing your purpose then find other meetings and or use the tools of modern technology. I mean speaker meetings online and posting on places like this site. We aren't perfect and we still suffer from our pasts lives and we do get better and all I can offer you is honesty.

Don't give up over particular events as these actions are alive and well throughout the world in meeting halls and depending on the group and clarity of sobriety would depend if it is allowed to flourish or not.
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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by avaneesh912 »

I just keep accepting and working the steps but a very honest and good person without a fellowship seems a bit hopeless with no idea how to maneuver the world. Feeling a bit lost. Help?
God sent you there for a reason. Use it as an opportunity. Start a big book study. Tap a new comer or a chronic relapser aside and tell them there is a better way. Make Cds of this mentor of yours. Thats what I did too. Gave it to people and slowly you will see a shift in the share.
Show him the mental twist which leads to the first drink of a spree. We suggest you do this as we have done it in the chapter on alcoholism.(Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 92)

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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by beginningagain7 »

Well you are here so you can say that you now have recovery with fellowship. It might not be f2f kind but it is a place that you can feel safe in. We have a lot of forums here that you can take advantage of. A lot of members here are reaching out for help just like you. So you are not alone in the journey of recovery.

Glad that you are here.
John T.

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Re: Recovery without fellowship.

Post by Db1105 »

As Avaneesh912 said, might be time to start a Big Book meeting, and a step meeting in your area if they don't exist.

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