Desperate for advice

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Re: Desperate for advice

Post by D'oh » Sun May 08, 2016 5:43 pm

ezdzit247 wrote: Don't understand what your point is in this post or how it relates to protecting AA members' anonymity ???

Sorry, I was answering about Young People at meetings. They might need help also, they might not just being Baby Sat. Especially one from an Alcoholic household. And actually a little about Women's meetings. Yes it has been defined by Group Conscience, if a man does show up, can any one person truly turn them away?

I actually believe that a Teacher could help many YP with the Power of Attraction, that there is a way of happiness without drinking. Just my 2 cents, not sure if I am on track or not.

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Re: Desperate for advice

Post by Lali » Mon May 09, 2016 11:52 am

I would not want a child there who could repeat what I say to all of his/her friends. I admire your restraint with this woman.

I remember in earlier sobriety, I was standing in line at the pharmacy when a woman walked in front on me in the line. Back when I was drinking I would have had a snide comment for this woman and would have made her get behind me. But I PAUSED (Pause when Agitated - thanks, Paige!) and thought "This woman may have a sick child at home. I don't really have to be anywhere important" and just left it alone. That's when I really saw what this program can do for us. It IS a miracle to be sober.

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