Review on CD Duplicator

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Review on CD Duplicator

Post by avaneesh912 » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:36 am

Was getting tired of making one CD at a time of AA speaker tapes. Lost admin rights to my office laptop (due to office policy), switched to imac mini (with no cd drives) and another home pc was on Windows 8 and couldn't find a good cd burning software. So, exploring a CD duplicator. To build or or buy one was the dilema. Searching for parts list on the web and youtube, bit confused with all the parts and finally arrived at a cost of about 600$ to 700$ for a 9 cd duplicator. And then found new 11 duplicator for 450$ on Amazon. And now, looking at the reviews, whom do I find first on the list. An AAer who made about 200 cds for some AA convention somewhere in CA and just couple of them failed and that too thinks it was a user error. I take this as Gods will and go with just buying the new duplicator instead of building one. Also, I had accumulated about 96k rewards points on my visa card and so 2500 points for a 25$ Amazon gift card 38 of them for this and another laptop for my college pointing daughter. Timing was so right. Thank you God.
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Re: Review on CD Duplicator

Post by Niagara » Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:29 am

Nice one Avaneesh,

Keep up the good work :) Considering this route myself of late :)
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