Now addicted to sugar!!

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Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by Vjsull » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:23 pm

I have 16 months sober, for which I am extremely grateful. But I have gained 30 pounds since I became sober. I eat ice cream with crushed cookies and chocolate syrup almost every night. I eat healthy and lightly during the day, but I really look forward to my "treat" at night. I know that I have traded my vodka for ice cream, and I need to stop! Does anyone have any advise or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by D'oh » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:35 pm

It may sound different, but here it goes.

When I first sobered up I was told that sweets help with cravings for alcohol so this may pass when you get over the cravings. One of the promises.

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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by positrac » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:16 am

Over the years I have sobered up, stopped smoking and I have gained a lot of weight due to age and giving up those other vises. I have my dark chocolate I indulge in from time to time as a means to relax or so it is between my ears.

Last time I checked snaking on sweets doesn't get our license pulled or get us put in jail, unless we are stealing. :lol:
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by Duke » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:03 am

I had a similar experience. The suggestion I got was to wait a while before I started working on diet, caffeine, or nicotine. I can tell you that in time, I have found a relative balance with all of them.
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by PaigeB » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:26 am

Mee too! Cookies & ice cream with chocolate sauce too!

Here's what I did. I got online and found a site that allowed me to not only count my calories but become aware of portion sizes and what exercises burn how much of what. I think it was called spark, but I am not endorsing it as any miracle cure... just that they have a bank of what brands have what calories etc, type in what you are cooking and it will pop up with all kinds of nutritional information. I also bought a digital scale for the first time in my life lol... portion control was a big deal and I still have not found a way to get an adequate amount of protein, since I don't like meat much.

I lost weight by becoming a more healthy eater! I KNEW I wanted to save some fat calories for my midnight ice cream so I switched to fat free cheese and put less 2% milk on my cereal. I exercised what I could, not much with my health condition... But the real benefit was learning about how I eat and what good it was. Ice berg lettuce & tomatoes are worthless - but ranch dressing is extremely fat filled! I now use fat-free and do not find too much difference in the flavor, but salads are not in my meal plan due to a lack of necessary nutrients. Certainly not the kind of research that I did as a drunk!

So before you diet, later & with the permission of a doctor, you can get educated! I'll be thinking of you tonight when I eat Brownie Batter ice cream, w/ chocolate sauce of course! (surprisingly not a lot of fat in cho sauce!)
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by clouds » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:29 am

Yeah, definatly I can relate!

I was told in early days that sweets can reduce a craving and I found myself much more attracted to sweets, and same as you, icecream which I topped off with chocolate syrup. Cravings for sweets began to wane around the end of year one and Ipretty much returned to normal without trying. I gave up the smokes several years later and added on approx. 15 pounds. again these naturally went off me, but this time, in about 5 years.

I tend to not eat sugary foods any more, I think I may be reactive to it. But nothing is going to effect me like alcohol did, well, except drugs, which I know if I tried them I would be a gonner probably dead by now.

I stopped drinking coffee and black tea, it just made me jittery as I got older, and a good sleep is more important to me now.

Diets cause depression, weakness of mind and energy levels fall. So beware of dieting and over excersizing.
I enjoy my life today, after all I went through hell, like we all have, so I don't even try restricting nice enjoyable things!
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by ezdzit247 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:23 pm

Hi Vjsull and welcome.

Congratulations on 16 months of sobriety!
Vjsull wrote:.... I eat ice cream with crushed cookies and chocolate syrup almost every night...
That sounds sooooo yummy!!! So glad I read your post AFTER I did my grocery shopping for the week or I'd have brought home all those goodies home with me..... :lol:

My sweet tooth didn't come back for a long time after I got sober, but when it finally did, I found out I was just as powerless over cheese cake, pecan pie, twinkies, apple fritters, ice cream, or anything chocolate, etc, as I had been over alcohol--even used the same denials, rationalizations, justifications for my food binging as I had with my drinking. What worked for me is to switch to a high protein diet--meat & veggies only, no carbs--for about 3 days. Doing that took care of my cravings for sweets and seemed to restore me to sanity. These days I find that if I give myself permission to over indulge in some kind of 1000 calorie dessert smothered in caramel and/or chocolate sauce about once a week, my weight remains stable as long as I eat healthy and exercise the rest of the week. Good luck!
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by Tosh » Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:43 am

Vjsull wrote:I eat ice cream with crushed cookies and chocolate syrup almost every night
Ben and Jerry's? I love that too. Some things are like booze for me too. I've got to avoid the 'first one' and I'm okay. At meetings when someone puts a packet of biscuits on the table, I either wilfully don't touch them, or I eat a lot of them; I get that phenomenon of craving with sweet stuff, just like I did with booze.

A lot of us get fit and do the cliche of running a marathon when we put down the booze. Ever thought of that?
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Re: Now addicted to sugar!!

Post by RobC » Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:07 pm

I heard ice cream so I came running.
:D When I quit drinking I weighed 120 pounds now im 185 :shock:
But I would usually drink my dinner. Pork chop in ever can right. When I quit my appetite came back. Id go to bed and be laying there @ 10:30 starving. So id go to the kitchen and chow down. But I felt good and was happy and sober. Im sure my cholesterol is up a little but I know my blood alcohol is not. I dont smoke or drink so I'm gonna enjoy eating what I shouldn't.
Until I become diabetic.
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