Supporting the 7th tradition: E-aa group

The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the principles that hold our groups and society together.
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Re: Supporting the 7th tradition: E-aa group

Post by Todd M »

If you have the PayPal receipt and it indicates it did go to e-AA,
that is the best formal confirmation of payment received.

I will Private message you for your private information
so I can confirm the donation received on our end.

I can also then send you an email indicating that donation
and our non-profit EIN number. I am not a tax guy
but I think the EIN number might be helpful for tax stuff.
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The e-AA Group's 7th Tradition link:

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Re: Supporting the 7th tradition: E-aa group

Post by avaneesh912 »

Todd, i am not worried about claiming a Tax break :wink: Just wanted to ensure that e-aa received it. I am going to trust paypal here.
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Re: Supporting the 7th tradition: E-aa group

Post by PaigeB »

I recently added the portion of Todd's signature line regarding the 7th Tradition link to my own sig line

The e-AA Group's 7th Tradition link:

Please feel free to add it your signature line if you feel compelled to do so.

E-aa is going to be upgrading the website soon and the upgrade will cost just a tad more than it has in the past. I think that AA as a whole is on a "Break the Buck" campaign, so give if ya can.
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