Step 11 nightly review

The 12 Steps are the AA program of recovery from alcoholism.
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Step 11 nightly review

Post by Dub24 »

Just started Step 11 with my sponsor..just read the nightly review so far.

How does everyone do their review? I started last night just by doing it in my head. I sort of scanned through my day to see where I was resentful etc.

Then meditated for 10 mins!

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Re: Step 11 nightly review

Post by Brock »

I have found that with experience the nightly review becomes almost unnecessary, the program encourages in step 11 stopping during the day anytime we feel a little off and doing a mini review, it say this becomes ‘a working part of the mind.’

So by doing this anytime a resentment or any other matter has me feeling less than peaceful, I look for, or ask for, the answer right away and correct it. But it takes a little while and a little practice, before as the book says this habit becomes ‘automatic.’Until it becomes that way for you, it sounds like you are on the right path the way you are doing it now.
"Good morning, this is your Higher Power speaking. I will not be needing your help today."

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Re: Step 11 nightly review

Post by PaigeB »

I usually do the "throughout the day" thing too, but always double check at bedtime. If something is still bothering me I make a mental note to check with another alcoholic in the morning. Say Thank you and go to sleep. IF I meditate, I fall asleep LOL! Meditation I save for mornings because it reminds to "Pause when agitated" and the meditation is active practice for changing my mind from Chaos to calm! :evil: :arrow: 8)
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Re: Step 11 nightly review

Post by Mike O »

Yep, checking throughout the day.
In addition, part of night prayer for Catholics includes an examination of conscience - so, just before sleep.
By the way, don't forget to acknowledge the good things you may have done during the day too.

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