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GSO Updates / Online Meetings

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:10 pm
by Jojo2
All updates from GSO can be found on the official sites below.

Includes Alternatives to Face to Face and Directory of existing Online Meetings.

e-AA has Forums discussion and an email meeting available 24/7.

Daily Reflection posted Daily:

We also have our Temporary Sponsor facility which is currently receiving a very high volume of requests.

Our Forums venue ( here !) is well worth staying close to as you can read and contribute whenever you wish to accommodate all our time zones.
Daily Reflection posted Daily here:

You will find an extensive range of recovery topics, suggestions for working the Twelve Steps,  a forum for newcomers and much more.

Please note:

When you visit the Forums, you will see 'Quick Links' top left and can select 'Active Topics'.

You can subscribe here to our email Recovery Meeting and receive regular readings and an ongoing Big Book Study: ...

All updates from GSO can be found on the official sites below.

The following approved link may also be helpful for our Intergrgroup Online Directory of Meetings:  

Visit for information about A.A.Options for meetings online: 

Updates on Coronavirus situation in regard to AA meetings and online options will be found here: ... oronavirus  

UK ... virus-News