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by Niagara
Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:22 am
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: Think Think Think
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Re: Think Think Think

hi there Tom,

Welcome to E-AA :)

I'm not an AA history buff (yet) but we do have those who are here, so I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question.

In the meantime I just wanted to wave a hello!
by Niagara
Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:46 am
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: New and already drinking???
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Re: New and already drinking???

I can only echo what the others have said.


If it was easy to stop, and we could stay stopped, easily, we wouldn't need AA.

It's a deadly cycle you're caught in..if you want to know more, feel free to ask.

I found my solution here, I hope you do too

Best wishes :)
by Niagara
Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:08 am
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Recovered and gratful alcoholic.
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Re: Recovered and gratful alcoholic.

No problem, I've moved it for you, to discussions. Alcoholism isn't just about the alcohol. We can never recover, or be cured, from the physical craving aspect of this disease. Once we start, we find it hard to stop or moderate our drinking. That will always be with us...which is why we have to abst...
by Niagara
Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:00 pm
Forum: The Family Afterwards
Topic: Question to recovered parents
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Re: Question to recovered parents

I neither forbid nor encourage it. looking at my own experiences, it seems pointless, to be honest. I was 13 when I had my first drink. My daughter is 15, doesn't drink. My 18 year old had a couple of beers at 16+. He had too much vodka at a birthday party back in april, and hasn't touched a drop si...
by Niagara
Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:15 am
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Progress_not_Perfection-rant
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Re: Progress_not_Perfection-rant

BUT, but the mind is very sneaky, very sneaky, it can pop up at times, like a little voice out of no where, hinting ! YES. I totally understand that. It's like a mental tug of war sometimes, a devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other. Both whispering, sometimes, one is louder than the other...
by Niagara
Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:07 am
Forum: If It Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else
Topic: Meditation rings
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Re: Meditation rings

I'm going to go slightly off topic here I think, but I think I understand where you're coming from. I had a massive kick off the back of a step 5. I was like, whoa, what happened there? everything looked different, and I felt as light as a bird. I described it, as having a new pair of glasses. Every...
by Niagara
Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:50 am
Forum: Discussions
Topic: New to the Site
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Re: New to the Site

Hey Sunshine :) Good to have you here. You say you've been to AA meetings before? I'm going to describe the cycle, as an alcoholic, I was caught in. Once I start drinking, I can't stop or moderate, except rarely. I'll mean to have only one or two 'just to take the edge off', but most of the time I'd...
by Niagara
Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:57 am
Forum: If It Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else
Topic: Meditation rings
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Re: Meditation rings

I have attempted different kinds of meditation. No experiences like that to report, so far...but I've found that TRYING to meditate is kind of counter productive for me. Still my mind....I say that to myself and my mind says 'don't think of purple rhinos'..and voila, purple rhinos stomping all over ...
by Niagara
Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:41 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: A Newbie Here
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Re: A Newbie Here

Hey Myron, welcome to E-AA

Feel free to tell us a bit about yourself too :)
by Niagara
Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:02 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: History of the "Wilmington preamble"
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Re: History of the "Wilmington preamble"

small world this online one :lol:

Thanks for the clarification :)
by Niagara
Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:42 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: Only sometimes..
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Re: Only sometimes..

Hi Kristy, The first thing I thought of when I read this is a particular section of the big book We do not like to pronounce any individual as alcoholic, but you can quickly diagnose yourself. Step over to the nearest barroom and try some controlled drinking. Try to drink and stop abruptly. Try it m...
by Niagara
Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:49 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: Can anyone help me?
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Re: Can anyone help me?

Hi and welcome Thirsty for help. A good starting point for me, was understanding the nature of this disease - because it IS a disease. First, I have a physical problem with alcohol. Once I start drinking, I find it really hard to stop or moderate. Normal drinkers can have one or two, and stop quite ...
by Niagara
Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:50 am
Forum: Sponsorship
Topic: Struggling sponsee
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Re: Struggling sponsee

Enough Already service. Brock, paige, myself and several others are part of a moderator team. As such, we do not act alone, but on group conscience. That means that we've discussed it, AS A TEAM , and decided how to act. Just as in real meetings, majority wins, so it is here. This is not personal op...
by Niagara
Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:27 am
Forum: Guest Book
Topic: New to e-AA
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Re: New to e-AA

Hi Dee - welcome to E-AA

Congrats on 7 months sober :)
by Niagara
Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:43 am
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Relapsed
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Re: Relapsed

Hi Linda, and welcome to E-AA The reason that sticks out for you, is the one that led me back to drink too. No matter what I dressed it up as. This is the mental obsession part of our disease. When I'm trying to stop drinking on willpower, I just don't feel like I fit in my own skin. Life is unbeara...