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Unelected Service Positions

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Each of the elected officers has a traditional "Right of Decision" (Concept III and XII). This may often include the appointment of unelected individuals into positions of trust, as the officer cannot always be present and resolving all issues, leading all meetings, etc. Yet, by the very nature of some of the functions being performed, these individuals may have unqualified temporary authority and decision-making abilities over another individual's ability even to participate in a meeting hosted by the group. (Concept IV).

Such privileges can far exceed any capabilities of any individual in a face-to-face meeting and the exercise of such authority or capabilities should be reported at once to the respective coordinator and their committee for review.

Additionally, any unelected individual may feel obliged to serve a term beyond that which would be reasonable. Tradition 2 encourages the spirit of rotation.

So, any "unelected trusted servant", performing service for the group, "with such rights" (having temporary authority abilities, over another individual, to participate in a meeting) should serve in that position for a period not exceeding 2 years, and not return to the same function, for a period of at least 6 months (unless elected by the group as the officer). 

Coordinators will be responsible for the reviewing of "unelected trusted servants" for each respective venue, and follow up as necessary, with the Unelected Servant and/or the Members as required.

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Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

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